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All furniture is designed according to the customer's wishes and manufactured in our furniture factory in Switzerland. At Leikwood we create furniture with character that stands out from the crowd and encourages creativity. Each person is uniquely made, a work of art. So our goal is to create each customer a perfect match, a furniture that fits life. We currently produce exclusively custom work based on a previous customer meeting.

Trees are poems that the earth writes to the sky

Khalil Gibran


Leikwood's entrepreneurial journey began at the start of 2019, when two friends decided to offer a space to their shared passion for craftsmanship, for creating lasting value and for the extraordinary. With the official launch of the business in the fall of the same year, the foundation was laid to make our creations accessible to our customers.

After the first months were dedicated to the design and creation of the exhibits, company setup, homepage and the reconstruction of the existing carpentry workshop, we dared to enter the market with our table collection in the spring of 2020. At the same time, the Corona pandemic began to occupy the world. This was certainly our first touchstone. We can only speculate about how business would have gone without Covid-19. In the summer of 2020, we were already able to expand the existing workshop. The business had taken off. The first temporary employee was hired. 

In the summer of 2021, the first large delivery truck could be purchased. In the fall of 2021, chairs were also added to the assortment. Since then, we are constantly starting to add new furniture collections to our assortment.

Leikwood's focus and raison d'être is on the creative, working and experimenting with new and rediscovered techniques to create furniture that cannot be found in this way in a classic furniture store. Trends are quickly picked up where large, established furniture producers are hindered by their entrepreneurial inertia. From the beginning, our strength lay in the individual. There's no such thing as can't. This is how furniture with character and uniqueness has been created since the beginning - tailored directly to the customer.

The journey remains challenging, varied and adventurous - join us!


Our Team

Unser Team besteht zurzeit aus 7 engagierten Mitarbeitern.


Cédric Grimm

Owner and managing Director

"Art means for me to make dreams come true"

I am a family man, artist, trained theologian and qualified carpenter EFZ. I love craftsmanship and creating lasting value. For me, art means turning dreams into reality. I am passionate about people management and Christian and ethical entrepreneurship. At Leikwood I am responsible for product design, marketing and management. I also put my heart and soul into our work.

Michael Leutenegger

Owner and member of the Executive Board

"I love to break new ground, to break through conformity so that genius can emerge"

I am a trained carpenter and long-time managing director of Schreinerei Leutenegger in Küsnacht. I love to break new ground, to break through conformity so that genius can emerge. My passion is photography and testing new technologies. At Leikwood I am responsible for the high quality of our furniture in production.

Thomas Kunze

Project manager interior fittings & master carpenter

Marc Leutwyler

Workshop Manager Carpenter EFZ

Ivan Hess


What I love about Leikwood is that I am part of the constantly growing company and that we as a team are constantly surpassing ourselves in terms of functionality, design and innovation with every project.

Skander Benoit

Apprentice carpenter EFZ

Tamino Rupp


Designer / Artist

Together with various artists, Leik'n'Art creates unique furniture. Leikwood creates the furniture from beautiful woods and the artists integrate their work directly into the piece of furniture. This creates a fascinating symbiosis and fusion of craftsmanship and artwork.


Cédric Grimm

"Art means for me to make dreams come true"

Cédric Grimm is a family man and a studied theologian. He loves trying out special techniques in working with concrete, epoxy resin, metal and wood. This results in sculptures, furniture or mechanical-technical functional objects. The fascination of giving form to an idea through his own creation has accompanied him since childhood. The plumbing of technical boundaries is both an incentive and an expression of his art.

Dorothée Widmer

"Art for me is: passion, emotion, creativity, spiritual inspiration and breaks all boundaries. In art everything finds a creative expression. Looking at art touches the heart, soul and spirit. Art is liberating and leaves room for interpretation!"

The artist Dorothée Widmer is married and mother of two adult children. She is the founder of the Heartwings association and an activist against human trafficking. For 14 years she has been passionately painting her artwork with mixed media, acrylic paints, gold leaf and the use of various impact metals. When she paints, she burns passionately. In a process starting with vision or emotion, the inspiration flows creatively dynamic on the canvas.

More information:

Claudia Killias

"Something beautiful created by our hands touches our heart. It makes us feel that creativity is a gift from the one who created heaven & earth".

The artist Claudia Killias is married and mother of three children. She paints mostly with acrylic paint on canvas. Her art lives from the inspiration in the moment. Painting is a journey and the works arise spontaneously and fresh without a fixed idea where the journey ends. Thus, each work of art tells an exciting and unique story.

More information:

Sara Lebeck-Jobe

Artist Sarah Lebeck-Jobe is a native of the United States and studied English literature, as well as marriage and family therapy. She has been living in Switzerland since 2018. Her artistic work is very diverse and spans many different techniques and the use of a wide variety of materials. From street art with everyday objects to sculptures and installations to collages, printmaking techniques and paintings, she knows how to express her creativity and curiosity in a variety of ways.

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We understand, our furniture you would like to have seen live. You want to touch wood, we feel the same way and nothing beats sound advice from a professional. In our showroom you will find a selection of our furniture and table tops. We also have a nice selection of our chair models for a test sitting on site.

You are always welcome to visit us during our opening hours. However, at the moment we ask for an appointment in advance, so that we can be there for you.

Viewings and free consultation appointments can be made right here by booking directly online.

You can find us here:

Lerchenbergstrasse 125,
8703 Erlenbach


This is the place of our creation. This is where masterpieces are created. With attention to detail and good machinery, we turn our customers' ideas into reality in our workshop. It is the place where dreams become tangible and plans become visible.

You can find our shop here:


Leikwood stands for the following values and we strive to live them in our daily business with our customers, employees, suppliers and all other contacts.


What we do, we do with passion. Highest quality, reliability and integrity are our top priorities. Excellence is our drive


We recognize and promote good performance, talents and characteristics of our employees and business partners and express our respect and appreciation through words and deeds. We promote a culture of honor and appreciation.


We give trust as an advance because we are convinced of the economic power of trust. Trust is the voluntary decision to make oneself dependent on the behavior of the interaction partner in a certain risk situation and thus to make oneself vulnerable. We expect our interaction partners to be competent, integer and benevolent.


We are committed to ensuring that the rights of our fellow human beings, as well as our own, are taken seriously and respected. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We stand up against discrimination, exploitation and forced labor.



"It is our passion to care for nature"

  • We see nature as God's creation and ourselves as a small dot on the timeline of history. We influence nature with our behavior for the generations to come. Therefore, it is not only our duty but also our passion to care for nature.

  • For every piece of furniture sold, Leikwood plants a tree, thus ensuring sustainable business and healthy value creation.

  • We donate a fixed percentage of our profits to selected conservation projects.

  • We make sure that all the wood we process comes from fair and sustainable forestry.

  • We consciously optimize our workshop and our work processes according to sustainability criteria.

Social responsibility

"A company is there for the people, not the people for the company."

  • As a company, we are in active contact with our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, service providers and authorities. What they all have in common is that people are behind them everywhere and together they form a society. It is therefore clear to us that we bear social responsibility.

  • We are convinced of the principle of combating poverty through work. Those who have work should earn enough with it to be able to live well.

  • That is why we pay our employees fair wages. We also consciously source fair trade products from other countries to support the people there. That is why we also process tropical woods from controlled cultivation, as this gives local workers a job, a fair wage and thus self-determination and dignity.

  • In addition, we donate a fixed percentage of our profits to selected aid projects from the countries from which we source goods.


Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:30.
Closed on Wednesdays!