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Adventskalender Leikwood

Hey, wir machen spontan was ganz Spezielles als Dankeschön an dich und unsere Kunden. Wir gestalten den Leikwood Adventskalender! Zusammen mit dir gestalten wir ein einzigartiges Möbelstück. Jeden Tag im Dezember wirst du in unserer Instagram Story an einer Umfrage teilnehmen können, wo wir über Designfragen und die nächsten Arbeitsschritte abstimmen werden. Zu Weihnachten wird das Möbelstück fertig sein und wir verlosen es als Geschenk.

Was musst du tun?

  • Abonniere unseren Instagram Kanal, falls du dies noch nicht getan hast
  • Beteilige dich an den täglichen Story Umfragen
  • Und wenn du willst erzähl deinen Freunden davon

Und weisst du was? Wir hauen noch einen Oben drauf:

Wir werden die Kosten unserer dafür aufgewendeten Arbeitszeit an ein Hilfswerk spenden und auch darüber wirst du abstimmen können!

Begleite uns und gewinne mit Glück dein persönliches Möbelstück!

Wenn du teilnimmst, stimmst du unseren Teilnahmebedingungen zu und bestätigst diese gelesen zu haben.

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Welcome to Leikwood

We create unique pieces

All furniture is designed according to the customer's wishes and manufactured in our furniture factory in Switzerland. At Leikwood we create furniture with character that stands out from the crowd and encourages creativity. Each person is uniquely made, a work of art. So our goal is to create each customer a perfect match, a furniture that fits life. We currently produce exclusively custom work based on a previous customer meeting.


Trees planted

Trees are poems that the earth writes to the sky

Khalil Gibran

Why furniture from Leikwood?

Sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility are fundamental values for us.


Environmental protection & social responsibility are our fundamental values

10 years warranty

We build furniture for generations in the highest quality


Maximum flexible

Exclusive material

We use stone, glass, fabric and metal specifically as complementary materials


We build furniture that fits your life


Latest Projects

Our Team

We are a creative, young startup, based at Lake Zurich. We are dedicated to the design and creation of high-quality furniture and interior design. Our creations reflect our passion for craftsmanship, for the extraordinary, for the unique.


Ich bin Familienvater, Künstler, studierter Theologe und gelernter Schreiner EFZ. Ich liebe das Handwerk und das Erzeugen von beständigem Wert. Kunst heisst für mich...
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I am a skilled carpenter and long-time managing Director of a carpenter's workshop. I love...
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With our furniture we want to create space for relaxation, peace and security. Furniture with character that stands out from the crowd and encourages creativity. Each person is uniquely made, a work of art. So our goal is to create a perfect match for each customer, a furniture that fits life.


What we do, we do with passion. Highest quality, reliability and integrity are our top priorities. Excellence is our drive

We recognize and promote good performance, talents and characteristics of our employees and business partners and express our respect and appreciation through words and deeds. We promote a culture of honor and appreciation.

We give trust as an advance because we are convinced of the economic power of trust. Trust is the voluntary decision to make oneself dependent on the behavior of the interaction partner in a certain risk situation and thus to make oneself vulnerable. We expect our interaction partners to be competent, integer and benevolent.

We are committed to ensuring that the rights of our fellow human beings, as well as our own, are taken seriously and respected. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We stand up against discrimination, exploitation and forced labor.


Let us participate and soon you will receive a concrete proposal of your dream table.

Customer feedback

Very friendly and personal Enterprise. A secret tip on the right of the lake of Zurich

Catherine Kell

Super design team with great ideas and wonderful unique items. Great, what makes you all out of wood!


I appreciated how Leikwood is addressed to me personally, as a human! As unique, created in the Original, I was fascinated by the craft and art work at the same time, these tables are easy and inspired! Therefore, we have made us the most Beautiful😉.

Manfred Grimm

Leikwood has made a very nice (dining)table. Great wood, super 'Finishing', and feet. The people are super-net, listened to our needs and supported us very well and can advise. Can only recommend! The table, the centerpiece is now in our room and we are very happy with it.

Caroline Kersten

we have the two most beautiful , custom-made director of desks on old wood; perfectly on time

3BAU Group

Top quality with a button! . Cedric guided us, with his experience and artistic button to design a unique solid wood dining table. We met several times during the making process to share our thoughts. Special thanks to his patience and last minute touches by our last minute requests. For a custom dining table, I highly recommend Leikwood Gmbh.

Gokhan Ozdemir


Contact us for an appointment in our showroom, a consultation or for more information.




Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:30.
Closed on Wednesdays!