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Leikwood stands for the following values and we strive to implement them in our everyday life in the company dealing with customers, employees, suppliers and every other contact.


Whatever we do, we do with passion. Highest quality, reliability and integrity come first. Excellence is our propulsion.


We appreciate and promote good work, talents, and features of our employees and business partners. We pay tribute through our words and our deeds. We foster a culture of honor and appreciation.


We trust in advance, because we are persuaded by the economic power of trust. Trust is the voluntary decision to make yourself dependent from and vulnerable for your partner of interaction in a given risk situation. We expect that our partner of interaction are competent, of integrity, and favorable.


We want to ensure that the rights of our fellow human beings as well as ours are protected and taken seriously. We treat others like we want to be treated. We speak up against discrimination, exploitation, and forced labor.