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Environmental Protection

We consider nature as God’s creation and us just as a small dot on the time axis of history. With our behavior we influence nature for all future generations. Hence, it is not just a duty to us, but also our passion to take care of mother nature.

For every sold piece of furniture, Leikwood plants a tree, to ensure sustainability and a healthy added value.

We donate fixed percentage of our profit to nature conservation projects.

We pay attention that all of our wood origins from fair and sustainable forestry.

We optimize our workshop and our workflows so that they fit criteria of sustainability.

Our high-quality epoxy resins origin from a small German company. They are VOC-free and food-safe. Environmental concerns due to the use of epoxy resins can be diminished by the durability of our creations. Leikwood builds tables for generations.

Social Responsibility

As a business we are in contact with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, service providers, and authorities. They have one thing in common: it’s always people behind that build a society. That’s why it is evident to us, that we carry social responsibility. We want to serve the community, because we believe that it belongs to the fundamental mission of a company. A company exists for the people and not vice versa.

We are convinced of the principle of fighting poverty through labor. A worker should earn enough to be able to live well.

Therefor we pay our employees fair wages. We deliberately obtain goods from other countries that are fair trade in order to support people from there. That is the also reason we manufacture with tropical wood from controlled cultivation. It creates jobs with fair wages for local workers and gives them the opportunity of autonomy and dignity.

Additionally, we donate a fix percentage of our profit to selected aid projects in countries we obtain goods from.