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The slabs used for the Plata series origin from true giant trees. These tables are cut out of trees with diameters from 1 meter up to 1.7 meters. Slabs like this are a rarity and therefor very exclusive. Their uniqueness and beauty are almost unbeatable. 

The giant trees are not only huge, but usually also several decades or even centuries old.

The fascinating thing about this is, that they are silent witnesses of the history of their origin.  What stories might have taken place throughout the course of time right in front of their roots? If the trees are cut into slabs, they are like an open book and if you look carefully, you might be able to read some stories out of the grain…

Price example for the table above:

Parota, oiled

Dimensions: 240 x 105 cm Thickness: 7 cm


  • Table legs, stainless steel
  • Premium wood oil for care
  • Delivery (as far as 50km) and assembly

Price: 4780.- CHF

Get here your sketch and 3D visualization